Fred Périé



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In-situ installation with Jean-Marc Dallanegra, 1999, variables dimensions
moped engines, steel tubes, stainless steel plates
Fred Périé et Jean Marc Dallanegra, Octobre 1999
variable dimensions

Up to 16 running moped engines are raised 3m above ground by metallic rods, forming like a forest. To each engine is hanging a small blue light bulb down to the ground covered with white feathers. The spectator is tempted to venture on this white carpet. The unit can be installed in the middle of a group of fifteen cars that form a maze and allows viewers to access more or less easily to the parterre of feathers. This project was done in collaboration with Jean Marc Dallanegra and exposed several times : Wild installation in front of National Library of France  06/99, Artuel 99, Beyrouth (Liban) 10/99, W-E Art, Paris 10/00, Wild installations in a field and et on a landing beach in Normandy 06/01