Fred Périé

En cours... (1) (in progress... (1))
Ephemeral installation in a meadow near Trois-Gots (FR), Summer 2012
Alu Dibond, Stainless steel plate, wood, CCTV camera
Festival de bords de Vire, Usine Utopik

In a meadow, where the grass was left to grow, horizontal arrows are planted, that one can only perceive when getting near. In the back, among brambles, a distorting miror is reflecting the field; from a distance, he seems an abstract painting.

Those elements are pretexts to infringe what is usually forbidden, entering a agricultural land and walking high grass. With en cours...(1), we transpose Richard Long's Art made by walking into a collective, undeterministic and dispersed process. The purpose of en cours...(1) is to invite the public to simply walk/draw its way in the grass, following the arrows, that he finds, or not. The invitation is to let oneself go in the pure pleasure of wandering. As a counterpoint, there is a surveillance camera hanging from a nearby cliff, that webcasts the view of the meadow throughout the entire summer. It records weather variations, passage of days, the perambulations and the drawn tracks.

Drawing of the tracks as they were 4 months after the set-up. (August 2012)
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