Fred Périé

Des dires dans le paysage (Things said inside the landscape)
In-situ installation
Ink on tulle fabric, wood poles, cables
Dimensions 50m x 5m x variable
Corbigny (Nièvre), June 2006

Des dires dans le paysage started with a residency in the town of Corbigny in Burgundy and a research with local farmers. The idea was to bring into a visual interaction two forms of territory, one being the landscape itself, the other being the language. To the image delivered by meadows, cattle, roads and buildings, is superimposed traces of what is said, traces that love through us, ellusive and vollatile. Those traces are  however part of ourselves as much as what we see and what we posess. This work was presented within the framework of "Occupied territories (the arts et the agricultural world)", an exhibition organized by  the METALOVOICE theater company. There were six large transluscent 8x3m banners, on which were written sayings, that had been collected during June 2006 among farmers in this region.