Fred Périé

After my education as an architect and engineer, I devote myself to studying and modeling the mechanical behavior of materials, including instability phenomena. The related question of the emergence of forms still underlies my current approach.

In 2004, I am committed professionally in a visual research through two mediums : interventions in the landscape and new media installations.

For me, the passage of time and the disappearance are recurring themes. In 2009 in Liège, with Infractions, I pour a red liquid on vines at the edge of a grove and on the ground inside a nearby clearing. The notion of infraction becomes clearly ambiguous, when is revealed the biodegradable nature of the paint used. The work, repeated several times during the summer, was deteriorating under the influence of weather and the environment, until it eventually vanished.

In my interventions in landscape, as well as in my interactive devices, the viewer is invited to enter the work. He is part of it. Is it here?, an installation created in 2007, begins with the participants seeing on the screen the chairs on which they are currently seated, but those are empty. After a while, the spectator's image is revealed when he moves, but otherwise disappears. I believe that an image, for its creator as well as for the viewer, is the encounter between an object, that is absent, and another person who is not there yet and who could also watch, a necessary and desired encounter. Human beings think and interact through such images, and, from the relationships implied by this process, emerges some kind of ontology.

In 2010, What if there, underneath..., connects the participant image with another in a room below. his other body itself appears multiple, both naked and clothed. We are with our bodies, that can not not be that can not not be IMAGES. Images, even when lovable, are hopeless, we must accept it. Only then, can we enter the relationship and it even becomes desirable.

By practicing programming and by using computer techniques, I am trying to reflect this questioning into virtual, yet concrete experiments. The interactive user of computer technology is generally lead to think that he has means to verify his own power., but this apparent proof of efficiency is only a belief. When I use interactivity, which is more or less some kind of mirror, it is to reveal what I think is really at stake, ie our ability to project ourselves into the situation.

My new media art works have been shown at digital art centers in France such as Le cent quatre, CAC3 2012,  Le Cube, 2008 and [ars]numerica, 2007. Is it here?  was shown at Bouillants #3 in 2011 and was nominee at FILE Festival, Brazil, 2010. What if there, underneath..., was shown during Computer Art Congress #3 at 104 in Paris, Novembre 2012.

Rencontres cinématographiques de Seine-Saint-Denis, Cinémas 93
CAC3, Computer Art Congress, le 104, Paris
Illuminations @ Tauves curator Hugo Verlinde, Vincent Lévy
Land'Art à Riorges
Festival des bords de Vire, Usine Utopik, curator Xavier Gonzalez
Machines et mots, Maison du Livre, de l’Image et du Son, Villeurbanne, organized by AADN
est-ce ici ?, exposition personnelle, Galerie Municipale Julio Gonzalez, Arcueil
Festival Ap'art, curator Leïla Voight
D’abord les forêts / opus 2 à la maison Laurentine, centre d’art discret, curator Pierre Bongiovanni
Festival Bouillants #3, Rennes/Vern-sur-Seiche/Saint-Brieuc, curated by Le Milieu
Salon MACParis, patronage ADAGP, Paris
FILE PRIX LUX, nominee , Brasil
Estivales, City of Fresnes, F
Illuminations, Galerie G, Paris and Bibliothèque Schoelcher, Fort-de-France, Martinique
Fêtes de la danse, Centre Balavoine, Arques, F
Couleurs3, works in the open, Château de Jehay, Province de Liège, Belgium
Traverse Vidéo, Centre de Bellegarde, Toulouse, F
Une autre Histoire, Centre d'art et de culture de Meudon, F
Experience II, Bastille Design Center, Paris
Cube Festival, Le Cube, Issy-les-Moulineaux, F
All the stage variations, [ars]numerica, Montbéliard, F
Instants Video, La compagnie, Marseille, F
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Territoires Occupés, compagnie Metalovoice, Corbigny, F
Artuel 99, International art fair, Beirut, Lebanon

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2009 Chateau de Jehay / Liège, Belgium
2007 [ars]numerica / Montbéliard
2006 Metalovoice / Corbigny

Other works/Publications
2013 Photographs and poems in Revue Chimères n°78 "Soigne qui peut"
2009 Assisting Romain Chabin, painter for a mural commissioned by the city of Paris
2007 Large-Eddy Simulation for Acoustics, paper on aeroelastic noise, Cambridge University Press
90-2004 Development of simulation software of physical phenomena, fluid mechanics and turbulence
1997 Ingénieur du siècle, contribution to the catalogue and to the calculation section of the exhibition. Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.